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    Funding for your company?

    Kuva: Mirella Mellonmaa

    Are you in the search of private and public funding for growth and internationalisation? Do you need tips on how to approach angel investors and venture capitalists? How can Business Finland help you with internationalization? Or perhaps the funding from the European Union for SMEs fits your needs (Horizon 2020 SME Phase 1, ESIR, etc.)

    You are not alone with your questions, and that’s why Business Tampere’s helpdesk of financial services offers help when you have questions on applying or looking for funding, and gives you advice on how to find the right source of funding for your needs. You and your company are guided to the direction of useful information and the best funding solutions by our remote counselling on the phone or on digital channels.

    We make planning and applying for funding easier. The confidential and free helpdesk is open for those companies in the Tampere Region who have plans for growth and internationalisation, but lack advice or information on how to get funding.

    How to contact?

    Contact Helpdesk via the following channels:

    Phone: 050 543 0232


    Professional sparring from the funding plan of a startup to practice. – Henry Kulmala / Sinun Software Oy

    Very savvy use of time for charting public funding, and great sparring as a by-product. – Jaakko Timonen /

    Sparring significantly helped with applying for YIC funding because his vast experience gives him good perspective.
    Simo Hännikkälä / NurseBuddy

    Additional information

    Fimentum Ltd, 

    Terms of Service

    The helpdesk advisory service focuses on questions related to funding. To answer questions requiring better understanding of the context or to have more in-depth analysis of the options, a dedicated timeslot can be mutually agreed to assess situation in overall. Follow-ups can be set to ensure that the matter in question gets solved.

    If a question cannot be answered right away, the helpdesk aims to serve the request within a few business days. There is a reserved quota of advisory hours for the helpdesk service. Therefore, the service availability may be limited in case of high demand.

    The helpdesk can help with individual documents related to funding. However, the nature of the advisory service is not to provide complete funding applications, investor presentations or to prepare other similar deliverables. Legal advice is also excluded. For example, expert service on changing clauses in investment agreements cannot be expected.

    The company-specific questions on funding are treated confidentially between the company and the service provider. But to cover the needs related to reporting service usage all contacts are recorded (name/company, channel, usage of time).

    The messages and discussions between the customer and service provider may be recorded in the web services used in communications. The service provider will delete chat discussions or emails sent by the customer upon request.

    The Customer is solely liable for its resolutions and decisions regarding the company and the consequences thereof. Neither Business Tampere nor service provider (Fimentum Oy) guarantee that the information, advice, or services provided by the service provider are flawless or correct. Business Tampere is in no part liable for a damage caused by an erroneous advice or instruction or a faulty operation of a product, tool or service provided by the helpdesk.

    Otherwise Business Tampere is not liable for any indirect damage to the Customer. Limitations of liability do not apply to any damage caused willfully or as a result of gross negligence.

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