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    Tarjouspyyntö: A digital tool to evaluate scaleup business status and support development

    Three project partners, Business Tampere, Norrköping Science Park and Tartu Science park, together form the project consortium for the Central Baltic funded project Scaleup Launchpad.

    Business Tampere together with partners are looking to find a digital tool that provides useful metrics helping to track down the success and process of scaleups companies enrolled in Launchpad Programme. There are two programs, both having about 10 businesses participating, so 20 in total. Launchpad programs are timed between autumn 2023 – summer 2025) We are looking to get depending on a tool, but at least three measuring
    points for the companies: at the beginning of the program, at halfway or at the end of the program, and 4-5 months after the program. Besides the digital tool itself, we are looking some services that supports efficient and correct usage of the tool.

    There are four focus areas (finance, strategy, people/team, opening new markets) in the Scaleup Launchpad -program based on needs of companies that are scaling up their businesses. We are looking for a tool that can provide data that supports businesses to shape their activities and also the scaleup program to focus the biggest need that enrolled businesses do

    The deadline for submitting the offer is Sunday 9th April 2023.

    Detailed information you can in the procurement documentation.

    Central Baltic

    Interreg Central Baltic Programme


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