Pre-startup services of educational and research institutes in Tampere region
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Educational and research institutes' services supporting entrepreneurship

Services of Tampere region educational and research institutes supporting entrepreneurship

The Tampere region educational and research institutes offer diverse options in terms of education and training for those interested in entrepreneurship as well as possibilities and platforms for learning, innovation, research and commercialisation of innovation.

The Tampere university community, comprising three universities, and other educational institutes pave the way for those interested in entrepreneurship towards establishing a business. In addition, the only upper secondary school in Finland outside the Helsinki metropolitan area having received the entrepreneurship specialisation module is located in the Tampere region, in Ylöjärvi.

Y-kampus is a place to explore in all three university campuses in Tampere. Y-kampus offers inspiring events and additional studies where you get to develop your skills and find your fullest potential. Y-kampus supports entrepreneurial way of doing things, spars those who want to become entrepreneurs and those with an idea for an innovation. It is an inspiring breeding ground for future entrepreneurs looking for fresh expertise, professionals and partnerships. The studies are firmly focused on learning by doing. Courses are organised at all three campuses involved – in Hervanta, Kauppi and the Tampere city centre – and they are open to students from all disciplines. In addition, access is provided to the experienced network of mentors who are always ready to be sparring partners in relation to entrepreneurship, idea development and growth. Alongside the network of mentors, Y-kampus is supported by experienced coaches whose business coaching expertise ensures long-term support and quick learning of the ropes of entrepreneurship.

Tampere Adult Education Centre’s (TAKK) entrepreneurship unit HiOMO provides entrepreneurial education and offers services to those planning entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs already in business. The trainings meet the criteria for applying for the startup grant.


Students of different fields at TAKK who are interested in entrepreneurship are offered free-of-charge entrepreneurship counselling.

Vocational degree in entrepreneurship and entrepreneur coaching

TAKK’s educational selection includes degree-oriented education (vocational degree in entrepreneurship) and shorter entrepreneurial training and courses, such as:

  • Vocational degree in entrepreneurship
  • Specialised vocational degree in business management
  • Specialised vocational degree in management and business management
  • Specialised vocational degree in management and business management (apprenticeship training)
  • “Better business” entrepreneur coaching (apprenticeship training)
  • Quick start to entrepreneurship, in the evenings
  • Entrepreneur coaching

Tampere Vocational College Tredu offers the possibility of completing a vocational degree in entrepreneurship or alternatively develop entrepreneurial skills as part of other education. Education programmes have been planned and structured so that they suit well those in working life who consider becoming an entrepreneur and those already setting up a business.

Vocational degree in entrepreneurship
The vocational degree in entrepreneurship comprises face-to-face education, online studies, workshop working and personal guidance. The education programme makes use of modern tools, seeks new viewpoints and constructs a network between the participants and like-minded people.

Nuori Yrittäjyys (NY) programmes
In the NY (Young Entrepreneurship) “Vuosi yrittäjänä” programme small student teams set up an actual company. To start up the operations, each student invests a nominal sum of their own money. The students have 2–15 hours a week to run their own company, get customers, sell, divide work within the team and decide on how to spend money.

Another operating method is the 24-h long innovation camps that emphasise experiences, brainstorming and open-mindedness linked to basic business information.

There are cooperatives managed by students at Tredu. They carry out customer projects in a team together with coaches. Cooperative work is all about learning critical thinking, decision-making and communicative skills. Those thinking about establishing a business can launch their business operations safely with due guidance within a cooperative.

Entrepreneurship – Administration and business economy field
Ahlman vocational and adult college’s administration and business economy education provides the skills needed in entrepreneurship in a diverse manner. Annually are also organised a vocational degree in entrepreneurship and a startup course for rural entrepreneurs that also provide entitlement to the young farmer subsidy.

The Ylöjärvi Upper Secondary School is one of the two upper secondary school in Finland having received the national entrepreneurship specialisation task and the only entrepreneurship-oriented upper secondary school outside the Helsinki metropolitan area. The first students of the renewed entrepreneurship module started their studies in August 2018.

The graduates of the entrepreneurship module are able to recognise and develop their own competence, take up challenges boldly and understand the significance of networking in building their own success. Each student acts as an entrepreneur in the Valon Tekijät cooperative for the whole duration of the studies and has the possibility to gain work experience in practical work training. Through cooperation, the students get an extensive view of business life and build networks for the future.

Entrepreneurship module coordinator: Kaisa Remula, kaisa.remula[at], tel. +358 44 4860789


Y-kampus helps and supports the commercialisation of an innovation from the very beginning. Help is available for the whole process of formulating a business model, patenting, sparring, networking and pitching.

The objective of the commercialisation of research results is to find a commercial user for research done at the university. Business operations leaning on research results is generated at the university through agreement research, technology licencing and spin-offs. The most common way of utilising research results is to transfer competence and inventions to research project partners. Setting up a new business is also possible.

The Y-kampus team supports the utilisation of ideas and research results in many different ways by coaching and sparring teams in the development of the business model and applying for financing.

TAMK, Innovation services

The innovation services of Tampere University of Applied Sciences help to determine the possibilities of ideas and inventions to yield profitable business operations and seek further paths to commercialisation.

Niina Immonen

Director, business service development and business environment

+358 40 821 5113

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