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Events, communities and networking possibilities

When you're seeking to become an entrepreneur!

Growth entrepreneurship events, communities and networking possibilities for those seeking to become an entrepreneur

The business scene in Tampere Region is lively with events and meetings arranged throughout the year. Be active and  take part in them already when you’re considering to set up your own business.

Contacts and networking take your ideas and goals forward and most likely turn out to be valuable capital during your entrepreneur path later on. In addition to events, there are several communities and ecosystems in the Region for you to join.

Business Tampere maintains a regional event calendar for companies. It includes a large part of the region’s business events that are mainly free of charge and suit well for networking, even if a business has not yet been set up. If you want to follow just one event calendar, this is the one.

Startup World Cup Finland
Startup World Cup Finland brings together the best national startup companies, investors and others interested in growth companies and entrepreneurship. The Finnish cup finals are scheduled for 6 March 2019 in Tampere, and the winner will represent Finland in the Startup World Cup finals in San Francisco in May 2019.

Stream Startup Festival
The Stream Startup Festival event offers practical support and tools for early growth-phase startups. The programme includes workshops, speakers and discussion events with the aim of providing practical tools and support for success in the international startup phase. The event was organised for the first time in Hiedanranta in Tampere in autumn 2018. Tampere’s biggest startup event will be arranged again on 3 October 2019. Check out our website!

Slush is an internationally recognised technology and growth company event, which is arranged in Helsinki every year in late autumn. Dozens of Tampere-based startups and volunteers participate in the event annually. In addition to the main event, there are many side events and, in 2018, Business Tampere also organised the Tampere Slush Party for growth-seeking startups bringing representatives of the financing world and investors to the party.

InnoEvent Tampere is a week-long innovation competition that brings together company representatives and students of the three universities of Tampere. The event organised every autumn and offers a unique opportunity to network and learn new things. During the event, students from different educational programmes produce solutions in multidisciplinary teams for authentic challenges related to the business operations of the customers.

Tribe Tampere is an open community of entrepreneur- and startup-minded actors, which promotes cooperation between the members of the ecosystem in many ways. Information sharing and teamwork are key, which helps those seeking entrepreneurship to find partners, clarify the business idea and taking the first steps in establishing an own company.

Tribe has facilities of over 300 m2 in a central location in the Tulli area (street address: Pinninkatu 47, Tampere) for their operations including, among other things, communal work and workshop facilities.

Representatives of universities and startups, financers and actors in the public sector are also involved in Tribe. Many events are also organised at Tribe that are an ideal place for networking for those seeking to become an entrepreneur.

Tampere Entrepreneurship Society (Tampere ES) is a non-profit, student-led open community open to all. The objective is to create new things and promote entrepreneurship through meeting people and networking. Tampere ES operates as part of the Tribe Tampere community and it operates in the facilities of Tribe at Pinninkatu 47.

Mix & Match /Teamup) events are arranged approx. once a month by Tribe Tampere. For upcoming events, follow Startup Tampere Slack channel and Tampere Region’s business event calendar.


Most startups fail. It is a fact. One of the most important reasons is the team.

It’s not easy to find a core team member or co-founder for your new business or idea from your friends circle often. Thus, you should be very open to meet various people in networking events to find the one.

If you are entrepreneurial minded person and love to be part of a startup but lacking a business idea, then just come and search for something that you would love to be part of.


Love meeting new people and discovering new opportunities?

Businesses are run with people and meeting people helps you reach new dimensions, sales targets and so on.

Well, you’re in right hands because we have a relaxed networking event for people who just love to meet new people.

Niina Immonen

Director, business service development and business environment

+358 40 821 5113

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