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Cartoon Business 2019 in Tampere – how to create content for international market

The Cartoon Business conference is held once a year, and this time the professionals gathered in Tampere to talk animation...

Strengthening the international Tampere Region: jobs for talents, talents for companies

The City of Tampere is investing in international top-talent attraction, improving immigrant employment and opening the labour market globally.

Agile experiments and RescuePosse: to play is to learn, and it is fun!

RescuePosse – a game by Janne Leinonen and his company Lucasoft has been tested in an agile experiment.

Collaboration to Growth: Starting a workplace cultural change

Collaboration to Growth – agile experiments: Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto (Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management Ltd.) started its work culture redesign journey with the help of a Gofore workshop. Principal Consultant Riikka Jakovuori of Gofore and CEO Harri Kallio of Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto will share their views on the agile beginning of the process.

Collaboration to Growth: Right questions at the right time

Collaboration to Growth: Two very different companies tested the Futurice Lean Service Creation methodology. Sales and Marketing Manager Tiina Pessi of Tampereen Aluetaksi and CEO Reima Viljanen of Kjelp will share their views along with Futurice’s Culture Advisory Lead Mirkka Länsisalo and Senior Service Designer Jaana Olsson.

Collaboration to Growth: Deeper financial understanding for startups

Collaboration to Growth – agile experiments: 11 startups were provided access and guidance to EY Finance Navigator together with some financial advice. Middle Market Financial Services Manager Jussi Reijonen of EY and COO Kristiina Aatsinki of Applicado will share their observations.

KONE elevator maintenance challenge leads to new openings

KONE and Business Tampere invited local companies to solve issues of predictive elevator maintenance. The result: promising opportunities for new openings.

Stretchable electronics embedded into clothing and worn like a second skin

Say goodbye to cumbersome activity trackers and bulky smartwatches! We will soon see a new generation of flexible films that mold to our body like a second skin to monitor our performance and vital signs. 

Technology startup FORCIOT stretches to the next level with €4 million in funding

A Tampere-based technology startup FORCIOT, producing stretchable electronics eg. for automotive, logistics and wearable sectors, recently announced investment made in the company by Heraeus and Volvo Cars.

Insta Group – A centre of excellence in secure digitalisation

Insta Group site is a growing centre of security expertise in Tampere.
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