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Questions in English

1. In Chapter 5 of your call: Bidder’s “information about how the employees’ occupational health services (as required by law) have been arranged, i.e. the name of the health service provider.”

  • In general, Osuuskunta practitioners take public health care services as their occupational health services, i.e. Kela related health service. Is this eligible for your requirements?
  • Toiminimi, one-person self-employed practitioners, in general, take Kela related public health care service as their occupational health services. Is this eligible?

The information of the occupational health services should be mentioned in the offer. The Kela and public health care services are eligible.

2. In Chapter 2.1 in your call: “The service provider shall begin working on the first part of the project immediately after contract negotiations. The work can be ongoing while the first service design workshops take place. However, the work shall be completed by November 30, 2017, at the latest.”

  • When the bid competition result will be available, i.e. when the selected service provider will know they could work on the project?
  • Which part of the work shall be completed by November 30,2017? Do you mean the whole project described under chapter 2.1? The schedule looks a bit too tight.

The final decision will be made the 31th of October at the latest and all the bidders will be informed by email. The timing of the work shall be confirmed in the contract negotiations with the service provider. The first work package should be finalised before the end of November.

3. In Chapter 2.1, under “Contents specified”, it is written “(Possible proposals for visual design)”.

  • Does that mean not necessary to quote or calculate workload for the visual design work in the bid?

The visual design is not necessary to include to the offer but it is possible to include.

4. In Chapter 2.3 and 2.4, contents updating copywriting tasks pricing

  • if the copywriting tasks are to be outsourced, should the tasks cost estimation be included as part of the bid’s overall cost?
  • Should the bidder or Business Tampere define copywriting subcontractor(s)?

The copywriting should be included in the pricing. The price/A4 should be included in the offer.

5. In Chapter 3, “The cost of service design workshops shall be listed per workshop.”

  • How many participants might attend each of the service design workshops?
  • Do you have workshop venue requirements in particular?

There are participants between 5 to 30 / workshop. The venue should be in the city centre or other easily accessible places in the city area. Normal meeting equipment is required depending on the facilitators needs.

Finnish questions and answers