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Recruitment gaps are evident in Finland especially in the IT, robotics and automation. 45% of employers report difficulties in recruitment as there simply aren’t enough right type of talent available on the labour market. This constitutes an obstacle for growth and also hits the Finnish economy.

Photo: Tiina Haring KEKSI

Business Finland has gathered a strike force to tackle the issue: for the first time, it participates in the Europe’s largest recruitment fair, Emigration Expo, in Holland together with largest Finnish cities and European employment service EURES.  More than 10 000 visitors are expected to the fair, which focuses this time on the Nordic countries. Job-seekers, who come mainly from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, represent various fields of competence, but many of them are highly educated.

Business Tampere and its partners are now calling for companies for collaboration: the vacancies in the companies will be advertised free of charge on the fair organiser’s site. During the Expo on 9 – 10 February, the jobs will be marketed further together with comprehensive information on the soft side: how is it to live and work in Finland, what can the families expect, how can one find an apartment etc. Interested candidates will contact companies directly. Business Finland will also collect a pool of interested candidates to serve Finnish companies. When successful, Business Tampere will facilitate the new employees’ landing by providing guidance on the life in the Tampere region as well as easing the access to networks and services available.

PS. Please do remember that an employee from within the EU area doesn’t need a residence permit but is free to start as soon as needed! We’re at your service on these issues too!


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