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Tampere of green technology

Green technology thrives in Tampere. The Tampere region, known for its manufacturing industry and know-how in the ICT sector, has naturally made it to the top of environmentally friendly and intelligent clean technology, or cleantech.

The companies in circular economy and cleantech in the Tampere region offer a wide range of innovative solutions, life cycle services and automation to various industries. The solutions are based on a large business base in the urban area, the numerous innovation platforms available and strong and longstanding R&D cooperation between companies and the university community in the field of environmental sciences.


The ecosystem activities are targeted at SMEs and large companies operating in the circular economy and cleantech sectors and at research institutions developing green technologies or products that use them. The Tampere city region and especially the circular economy clusters offer opportunities to test and develop new business models, technologies and services in a live operating environment.


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In the Tampere city region, energy solutions play a vital role in mitigating climate change and achieving climate objectives. The common goal for the entire city region is to be carbon neutral by 2030. The city region has already invested heavily in renewable energy production, such as bio-based solutions and solar energy.

Emission trends are promising; total emissions have decreased by as much as 29% since 1990, despite population growth, and emissions per capita by almost 48%.

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The Tampere city region aims to reduce the negative environmental impact of water production and distribution and of the sewerage and treatment of wastewater by improving the quality of products and services, cost-effectiveness, material and energy efficiency and by reducing the amount of waste generated.

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Industrial Solutions

The Tampere city region has a number of major industrial actors with innovative solutions that support sustainable development and reduce the impact on the climate. They are connected to, for example, energy efficiency, resource efficiency, process efficiency and emission reduction.

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There are many companies in the Tampere city region offering services or innovations aimed at a more ecological built environment. The solutions of these companies include design, infrastructure, residential and industrial construction, lighting, green construction and air quality monitoring and improvement.

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There are major intelligent transport projects underway in the Tampere city region,

such as the construction of the tramway and the local rail network. Studies and trials concerning innovative logistics and transport are ongoing, and the introduction of various sharing economy solutions is also being promoted.

The development of air transport and the main rail line is being invested in. Accessibility is an asset for the whole city region, since all major business areas in the region are also situated in logistically optimal locations.

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In the Tampere city region, business activities in waste management and the circular economy are concentrated in the circular economy business areas of ECO3 and Taraste, which are rising around the waste treatment centres of Koukkujärvi and Taraste.

Among urban development areas, for example Vuores has an innovative waste collection system using pipelines and a smart new waste station. The district of Hiedanranta is planned to have 25,000 inhabitants and 10,000 jobs, and new solutions promoting the circular economy are already being tested

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There have long been degree programmes connected to environmental science in the educational institutes of the Tampere university community, so the region has many experts in this field. There is also a great deal of research being done in environmental sciences.



Topical news and articles on cleantech and circular economy themes.

City of Tampere looks for climate partners

The City of Tampere aims to be carbon neutral by 2030. Much of the emissions come from private companies, communities and residents. That is why the City of Tampere launces the climate partnership model for companies and communities in the Tampere Region.

The Tampere region is built for cleantech success

Finland has been touted as a buzzing centre of cleantech activity for some years. The country with the happiest people in the world, with the best air quality, is naturally the country that will save the planet as well. With companies like Ecolan and Carbofex, two rising cleantech stars in Tampere Region, it might actually be possible.

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