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Coxa – Hospital for Joint Replacement

Coxa is a hospital specialized in joint replacement surgery and research thanks to a knowledge hub which gathers over 230 specialist of which 20+ doctors. Coxa conducts outstanding research to constantly improve joint replacement surgeries and to develop further all related processes and therapies.

Coxa Joint Replacement Hospital website


Tampere Heart Hospital

Tampere Heart Hospital is a Global Center of Excellence in many fields of cardiology and cardiac surgery. Its mission is to provide value for customers – from symptoms to good life. The concept is based on heart team model, creating value also for continuous development.

Tampere Heart Hospital website

Tampere University Hospital

Tampere University Hospital Tays is a visionary healthcare provider. In addition to excellent care the focus is on research, development and innovation. As a university hospital it educates the future healthcare professionals.

Tampere University Community and Research Centers

Tampere University community’s priority areas are technology, health and society. The faculty of Medicine and Health Technology is committed to generating new knowledge and solutions that promote health and wellbeing and benefit both individuals and the broader society. With staff of over 500 with over 70 research groups, it brings together unique research expertise in medicine, biosciences, and engineering,

Startup Tampere support for startups in COVID-19 situation

Startup Team at Business Tampere does its best to organize services online, respond on new rising needs and combine information on one place. We have gathered in this news shortly the most important things about existing services and changes in the situation.
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