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Tampere Imaging Ecosystem is among the best in the world enabling new medical applications

Over the past decades the combination of medical and technological know-how has produced numerous health technology innovations, such as pioneering work in digital radiography.

Today the Tampere Imaging Ecosystem is among the best in the world enabling new medical applications.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence offer ways to use existing solutions in more effective and innovative ways

AI Hub Tampere. a new artificial intelligence research center hosted by the Tampere University,  helps companies to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and builds a new AI ecosystem in the Tampere Region. The center organizes workshops, helpdesk sessions, experimental piloting and other support for adopting artificial intelligence in local companies. It is a part of nationwide network of AI centers that is currently being built.

The regulatory support is available for medical device companies all the way to AIMD-level product development.

Tampere Imaging Ecosystem

Tampere Imaging ecosystem is a thriving business ecosystem that stimulates R&D activities of products and services related to digital imaging.

Tampere AI ecosystem

The Tampere AI ecosystem aims to bring together artificial intelligence expertise and related activities in the Tampere Region. The activities of the ecosystem are a part of the Smart Tampere programme.

Startup Tampere support for startups in COVID-19 situation

Startup Team at Business Tampere does its best to organize services online, respond on new rising needs and combine information on one place. We have gathered in this news shortly the most important things about existing services and changes in the situation.
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