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Tampere is home for a variety of world-class health and life science innovations

Over a century old pharma industry heritage, pioneering research in biodegradable polymers and regenerative medicine all the way to world-class diabetes and oncological research of today have home in Tampere region.

Tampere University and the Tampere University Hospital provide excellent research, preclinical and clinical services. Not to forget that Finland possess one of the world’s greatest health-data assets.

Tampere University Hospital RDI center, HealthHUB, Biobank and the BioMediTech institute along with testing and education providers help you find out more and explore this opportunity.

For innovation activities Tampere offers also strong regulatory knowledge and for companies there are both consultancy and electronic evaluation tools available.

Tampere University Hospital

Tampere University Hospital Tays is a visionary healthcare provider. In addition to excellent care the focus is on research, development and innovation. As a university hospital it educates the future healthcare professionals.

Tampere university community and research centers – Healthtech

Tampere University community’s priority areas are technology, health and society. The faculty of Medicine and Health Technology is committed to generating new knowledge and solutions that promote health and wellbeing and benefit both individuals and the broader society. With staff of over 500 with over 70 research groups, it brings together unique research expertise in medicine, biosciences, and engineering,

Specialised and private hospitals

In Tampere operates specialised hospitals such as Coxa, the hospital for joint replacement and Tampere Heart Hospital.
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