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Tampere is one of the leading cities in Europe in terms of the development of intelligent transport services. Compared to the number of inhabitants, the city is of a suitable size for the testing of transport products and services whilst being sufficiently compact for agile and flexible decision making and functional cooperation between the public and private sectors.

The test environment a size of a city

ITS Factory is an active innovation, testing, and development environment for intelligent transport operating in Tampere. At ITS Factory, the players in the field cooperate to find solutions for intelligent transport and develop new business. The goal is to produce business-oriented solutions to enable fluent, sustainable, and safe transport.

ITS Factory test environment

The community has been active since 2006, but the community started  with name ITS Factory in 2012. Together with the city council, the members of ITS Factory – companies that offer intelligent traffic products and services as well as colleges and research institutes – invest in the creation of new transport services.

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ITS Factory test sites of Tampere


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