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The number of electric vehicles is growing all around the World, and Finland is one of the leading countries as far as the number of electric buses is concerned. Furthermore, Finland has vast expertise on payment and identification systems of the vehicle charging devices. The first electric buses have been introduced in Tampere to gather user experiences for future development.

Boosting electric transportation

The first public electric vehicle charging points of Tampere street network are already on their way. The developing of the charging points targets to create a sustainable and comfortable city environment by lowering the threshold of using electric vehicles.

Moreover, the electrification of transport allows a steady linkage to future trip chains in Tampere city region. For example, the passenger can use tram to enter the transport hub, and from there the trip can continue by an electric vehicle, such as a bicycle, a car or a robot bus.

The electrically operated robot buses can improve not only city inhabitants’ traffic services, but also service profitability, and it can be an environment-friendly choice for sparse routes or low traffic periods. In addition, electric cars for shared use are becoming more and more popular.

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